Kohlrabi slaw and flounder with lemon and garlic scapes (the rest of the meal!)

A Greek Salad in Winter

Arugula and delicata salad

Beets me! (beet salad with yogurt mint dressing)

Broccoli Salad with Avocado and Tomato

Broccoli salad with bacon and pecans

Composed salad with salmon and beets

Corn and tomato salad with smoked trout

Cucumber and yogurt salad with lemon

Cumin-dressed orzo pasta salad with honeyed beets, greens, and feta

Curried chicken salad

Dreamy celery and apple salad

Elotes (Mexican street fair corn) salad

Green bean salad with lemon-tarragon dressing

Grilled kale salad with beets, figs, and ricotta

Israeli couscous salad with salmon and herbs

Italian mushroom and celery salad

Kale avocado and persimmon salad

Kale salad with avocado caesar dressing

Marinated fennel and grapefruit salad

Midweek, midday artichoke and eggplant salad

My favorite coleslaw

Orzo pasta salad with mixed herbs and summer squash

Parmesan Tart with Caesar Salad Topping

Pickled nectarine and burrata salad

Pumpkin, 2 ways – in salad and in bread

Quick pickled cucumber and melon salad

Roasted beets and arugula with horseradish cream

Roasted carrot and avocado salad

Roasted fennel salad with bagna cauda dressing

Roasted potato and radish salad

Salad of avocado, bacon, grilled peaches, and sweet onions

Southwest chicken salad

Spicy chicken salad

Sturdy green salad with lemon yogurt dressing

Sweet and sour slaw

Sweet corn salad with buttermilk herb dressing

Thai-style cabbage salad

Tomato and nectarine caprese

Warm chard salad with bacon dressing and roasted chicken

Warm potato salad with artichokes and herb dressing

Warm sweet and plain potato salad with brown butter dressing

Winter vegetable fattoush

Wintery panzanella with apples and kale