Baked risotto with Indian spices

Baked sweet potato with lime butter

Blue cheese latkes

Braised kale, sausage, and risotto soup

Chicken and pumpkin tagine with garlicky couscous

Chili-dusted kohlrabi fries

Chive pancakes (that is, scallion pancakes with chives instead)

Creamy Christmas rice pudding

Fingerling potato salad with chard and bacon

Ginger-lemon congee with pork

Gingery kimchi fried rice

Goat cheese stuffed grape leaves with olives, raisins, and mint

How to Deal with Random Root Vegetables, method 2

Israeli couscous salad with salmon and herbs

Israeli couscous with butternut squash and cilantro sauce


Mixed potato-vegetable hash with ricotta

Orzo pasta salad with mixed herbs and summer squash

Quinoa and white beans with roasted broccoli and rosemary

Rice noodle salad with pork meatballs

Rice pudding with brown butter fig sauce

Risotto with radishes, kale, and lemon

Roasted chicken with dill and leeks

Roasted potato and radish salad

Root Vegetables Au Gratin (and cream sauce basics)

Spanakopita rice

Spiced sweet potato and leek cakes

Spinach spoon bread

Spring vegetable jumble with lemon tarragon butter

Strata with mushrooms, sweet potato, and bacon

Stuffed collard greens

Summer squash and rice gratin with salsa verde

Sweet corn polenta with broccoli pesto

Sweet potato oven fries

Sweet potato rösti with avocado and smoked salmon

Sweet potatoes with andouille sausage

Truffled (!) potato pancakes with fried eggs for breakfast

Warm potato salad with artichokes and herb dressing

Warm sweet and plain potato salad with brown butter dressing

Whipped Parsnips with Sour Cream