To all of you who received an email for a post called “Al Capone was a local,” um….oops.  That was not me.  That would be Joel who didn’t quite scrutinize the computer screen closely enough to realize he was posting on my blog, not on our distillery website.  He’s detail oriented like that.

Sooooo, no post!  Well, at least not here, but hey, if you do want to read the post, you can check it out at the brand-spanking-new-extremely-preliminary-designed-by-us-not-designers Vikre distillery website.  And that’s kind of fun!

Vikre Distillery: Al Capone Was a Local

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2 Responses to Joel’s first guest post

  1. Griff says:

    If joel can’t take the heat, he should get off the computer! #equitablemanagementofhouseholdchoresFAIL #bloggingiswomenswork

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