I discovered a brand new way to make an absolute disaster in the kitchen!  It goes like this, let’s say you want to make a sort of toasted sesame soy sauce-y deal to toss with some quinoa and vegetables to make a cold, Asian-inspired quinoa salad.  That’s a relatively reasonable thing to want, right?  Well, you might start by toasting some sesame seeds  in a dry frying pan, and then when they’re getting all nice and toasty, add in some olive oil and garlic to start the sauce.  Then one would think you could add some minced ginger, given that ginger is a central flavoring in many Asian sauces.  Well, if you decide to do this, BEWARE!  Suddenly you will have olive oil splattering everywhere, and sesame seeds will start flying at you like a swarm of little jumping fleas, or sparks from a firework that you set off a little too nearby.  This will, most likely, lead to much shrieking, and frantic trying to move the frying pan somewhere away from the stove where it can cool down, which, go figure, will greatly increase the surface area available to the catastrophically careening seeds and sputtering oil to cover.  So, now I have a kitchen almost entirely coated with a thin film of olive oil and freckled with little brown seeds.  Oy.  Well…time to go clean up.

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  1. :-). Well done and great discovery…..(and warning) for us adventurous cooks!

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