Today I bring you a cooking mantra.  Repeat it to yourself over and over (in a chanting, sing song voice) until:  a) you attain some state of enlightenment, b) you get really really bored and forget what the heck you’re doing anyway, or c) dinner is done.

“When in doubt, heat olive oil/butter, add chopped garlic/onion, add chopped ingredient you want to cook.  Cook. Salt and pepper to taste.”

(You could also add a splash of wine/(chicken or veggie) stock/vinegar/lemon juice and/or a combination of herbs and spices, but if I say that this mantra is getting waaay too long to say in one breath.)

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2 Responses to Om – a cooking mantra

  1. Cinnamin says:

    😀 😀 I’ll say Amen to your Om! The perfect mantra. You just can’t go wrong with that! Unless you’re an alien who does not appreciate taste.

  2. Ellis Turner says:

    Love it – garlic & onion are always stocked in my kitchen – add so much flavor

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